BGA Waypoint List

The 2015 BGA Waypoint List has been published, and contains 1277 WPs, an increase of 12 over last year. Due to the new Southend Control Zone, the following have been removed: CTM (Chatham), CVY (Canvey), DAE (Danbury E, replaced by a new point Danbury N), SOM (Southminster), and SPY (Sheppey). In other areas, HB7 (HusBos Finish E) has been replaced by a new HB4, and WIT (Wittering Tower) has been removed because this is an active RAF airfield and there is no longer a gliding club at this site. There are 19 new points, referenced to Canterbury (1), Exeter (7), Ipswich (1), Lasham (1), Leicester (1), Newcastle (1), Oxford (2), Plymouth (1), Ullapool (2), Yeovil (2). Finally, there are 12 more minor updates in other areas. The list can be downloaded here.