Update – 8.33 kHz equipage funding support project

As previously reported, the BGA has supplied information to the CAA in support of a funding bid to help owners with their costs of equipping with 8.33 kHz capable radios. This bid opportunity followed effective lobbying at the European Commission four years ago by Europe Air Sports.

The CAA facilitated bid has been successful; a recently published European Commission document listing 200 successful projects under what are called the ‘CEF transport call for proposals’ includes ‘2015-UK-TM-0150-M, SESAR, Other Projects, 8.33kHz Radio Equipage for the UK GA Fleet. Total estimated costs 21,7 million Euro. Funding granted 4,4 million Euro (20%)’. You can view the document here.

Obviously there is some way to go before this turns into a process that owners can access. As soon as we hear more, we will let people know through the usual channels.