EASA Self-Declared Maintenance Programme

EASA’s Self-Declared Maintenance Programme (SDMP) is a recent development and part of the overall theme of reducing burdens and empowering EASA aircraft owners. The SDMP results in owners having responsibility for their EASA aircraft maintenance programme.  The current BGA airworthiness system is more than capable of supporting the new approach, and we will provide any necessary support and guidance to all owners in due course. Please note that the SDMP does NOT apply to non-EASA (Annex II) aircraft.

When does the Self-Declared Maintenance Programme (SDMP) apply to EASA aircraft?

For most, not until 2018 at the earliest:

EASA sailplanes and powered sailplanes operating within the BGA airworthiness system on the GMP maintenance program prior to 1st October 2016

No change from the existing process until the new ‘Part M light’ maintenance rules apply, ie 2018 or later

EASA sailplanes including powered sailplanes imported from 1st October 2016

SDMP applies now. Interim guidance is being supplied to owners

Any EASA powered aircraft using the historic CAA Light Aircraft Maintenance Programme (LAMP)

Change to SDMP by 30th September 2017

What is the BGA doing to support clubs, owners and inspectors?

The BGA CTO is working with others to provide specific SDMP guidance including templates and new Airworthiness Maintenance Procedures. We will keep owners informed as the work progresses and we publish the detail. For those owners of new aircraft that have to use a SDMP now, the CTO is providing guidance on a case by case basis.

More detail is available on the CAA website.