Aim Higher 2017

Following popular demand, Aim Higher club coaching lead Kevin Atkinson advises that the planned Aim Higher courses in 2017 are:

Two day weekend ground school during January and March (16 hours ground school)

These courses during the winter poor weather in preparation for the season ahead are designed simply to cover; How the sky works; How to work the sky; Going further and faster; Self-teaching skill drills; and Self-tasking.

Date Location Contact
21/22 January Kirton Lindsey
4/5 March Husband Bosworth
11/12 March Camphill
18/19 March Long Mynd
25/26 March Bicester

Aim Even Higher in the Alps

Whether skiing or gliding, given a limited number of days available to you it can help to travel further afield to get the right weather conditions. So we intend to run a safe mountain flying course supporting pilots who wish to explore fantastic gliding opportunities but who would appreciate a little help ‘on location’. On some days, outstanding flights can be achieved without departing from gliding range of the home airfield! The locations are Sisteron (France) and a separate course in Alzate (Lake Como Italy).  St Auban (France) supply bespoke mountain training courses and will accommodate any overspill.  It is anticipated that attendees would wish to continue after the introductory course at either of the venues perhaps for a second (or even third week) to amortize the costs of getting out there.

Date Location Contact
16 – 21 April Sisteron
23 – 28 April Alzate (Lake Como)


Mon – Friday Aim Higher Club Coaching Courses for Soaring and Cross country

These immensely popular courses operate Monday to Friday so as not to interfere with the normal club weekend operations and are designed as a 40 hour ground school course (PowerPoint lectures, video, internet tools and visual aids) interrupted by soarable weather to practice the skills and techniques being taught.  By the end of the week participants recognize that they learn more in this short period than they otherwise would do.  The courses accommodates and encourages a broad level of gliding abilities.

Date Location Contact
8-12 May Saltby
15-19 May Husband Bosworth
29 May – 2 June To be announced  
12 – 16 June Stratford (winch only)
26-30 June Bicester
To be announced To be announced  

 Aim Even Higher Competition preparation day briefing

A single day during February guiding prospective competition pilots on how they can fully prepare themselves for their first regional competition.

Date Location Contact
05 February Husband Bosworth

Aim Even Higher Competition Support

I intend to be at a competition to support a number of those who attended the comp preparation lectures during their active participation at a regional site.

Date Location Contact
To be decided To be decided

Aim Even Higher Juniors

Sebastian Kawa (10 x world champion) has provisionally offered to help me run an Aim Higher /Competition coaching course for the juniors the 5 days prior to the Junior Championships.

Date Location Contact
14-18 August To be decided

For further information or to get involved, please liaise directly with the relevant club.