CAA Information Notice 2017/02 re EASA Specialised Operations rules

CAA Information Notice 2017/02 describes how EASA Specialised Operations (SPO) rules apply in the UK from 21st April 2017. EASA specialised operations rules potentially apply to aeroplanes and TMG’s, but not to sailplanes or powered sailplanes as these are currently opted-out of EASA operations rules until at least 2019.

The CAA Information Notice 2017/02 describes how to comply with the CAA’s requirements for specialised operations. The information notice includes the scope of activity that is deemed to be specialist, ie;

“any operation other than commercial air transport where the aircraft is used for specialised activities such as agriculture, construction, photography, surveying, observation and patrol, or aerial advertisement”.

Aerotowing within a non-commercial operation, ie a BGA gliding club, is not included in the scope of activity deemed to be specialised.

You can learn more about operations rules including EASA’s Non-Commercial Operations rules and Specialised Operations rules on the BGA’s Operations Rules webpage.