CAA ADS-B Survey

The CAA has formally confirmed that ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) ‘in/out’ using 1090MHz is its preferred national system to improve electronic conspicuity for general aviation – ideally to be used through transponders. It has launched a survey seeking information on the types of devices private pilots already use and what they would prefer to use in future. The survey closes on 29 September 2017.

Glider pilots considering responding should note that question 3 is loaded (it’s binary, and more honestly should read “could” rather than “would”), and question 5 inconsistently refers to current features and desired improvements. It’s curious that reducing the chance of a mid-air collision is barely referred to. The BGA view is that any system should improve and must not jeopardize our safety: it should:

  • improve mid-air collision warning by integrating with full FLARM functionality in a single device
  • reduce traffic densities and pinch-points by increasing the airspace accessible
  • allow permanent installation with low battery drain and modest cost
  • not result in distraction, target fixation or complacency in glider or GA cockpit