Benson and Chiltern Park

RAF Benson is located in the choke point between London and Brize Norton controlled airspace. The airfield is home to a mixed fleet of heavy and light helicopters including Police and EMS helicopters, as well as the RAF’s largest Air Experience Flight, which operates Tutor aircraft. The helicopter flying isn’t particularly busy. The Tutors can be very busy – including on weekends – and mostly fly in the local area carrying out general handling and aerobatics. Benson has an ATZ and a MATZ. Immediately to the south of Benson is Chiltern Park, a private airfield operating various light aircraft. Chiltern Park is underneath a parachute DZ.

All pilots are reminded that the midair collision risk increases close to airfields, and that there is a need to use good airmanship principles to ensure that all class G airspace users are aware of each other – particularly when flying close to airfields. Whilst aviate, navigate, and communicate remains the correct order of airborne priorities, timely and intelligent use of the radio is very important when flying close to an airfield. Permission must of course be obtained before entering an ATZ.  More information is available on the BGA airspace info webpage.

The Benson ATC radio contact frequency, 120.90, is published on the current 1/2 mil chart .

The Chiltern Park radio frequency, 134.025, is published on its website.