EASA pilot licensing

As previously reported, there is a UK exemption published in the CAA’s Official Records Series 4 that describes how under an existing temporary opt-out from the EASA regulation, a pilot can  choose to operate in the UK using national, BGA, or EASA licence privileges. For sailplanes and balloon pilots only, EASA is expected to extend the end of the opt-out from 8 Apr 2018 to 8 Apr 2020. The CAA pilot licence conversion webpage notes; “to fly any EASA certified aircraft, from 8 April 2018 you will need to hold an EASA licence. There are two exceptions: the deadline for sailplane and balloon licences under EASA SPL, BPL, LAPL(s) or LAPL(B) is 8 April 2020 (mandatory conversion is not required prior to this date) and microlights and gyroplanes cannot be converted to an equivalent Part-FCL licence.”

Pilots who fly EASA aeroplanes using UK NPPL or UK PPL privileges are advised to ensure they hold the correct licence and privileges (including sailplane towing rating) by 8 April 2018.

Pilots who fly motor gliders that EASA defines as Touring Motor Gliders should stay close to the latest BGA advice; the BGA and CAA are currently working to ensure glider pilots who fly what EASA defines as Touring Motor Gliders and would continue to do so using an SPL or LAPL(S), are included within any extended temporary exemption from the need to hold an EASA licence.

Full details including licence conversion guidance is available here.