Launchpoint replaces Caroline Trust

To help to grow the number of people who can potentially benefit from charitable funds, the Caroline Trust, which to date has helped more than 400 people get involved with gliding, has been restructured and formally renamed as Launchpoint.

Launchpoint is a registered charity that aims to provide opportunities to experience gliding and to help glider pilots expand their horizons in the sport. Its aims are delivered through Caroline Awards, which continue unchanged, and the new Ted Lys Awards, which provide new opportunities for experienced glider pilots. The awards are open to all.

The small group of Launchpoint trustees are all actively involved in gliding. All donations and gifts are allocated to the charity’s beneficiaries, with no deductions made for administration and no payments made to trustees. As Launchpoint is the BGA’s adopted charity, the BGA provides website and other support at no cost. More information is available here.