Guidance for BGA instructors who choose to hold a Part FCL Flight Instructor Certificate

Gliding instruction at BGA clubs is carried out under BGA requirements and all instructors are required to hold a valid BGA instructor rating.

Gliding instructors are reminded that the BGA’s instructor requirements recognise that a valid EASA Flight Instructor (Sailplanes) certificate – known as an FI(S) certificate – is equivalent to a BGA instructor rating, and therefore an instructor who holds a valid EASA FI(S) certificate can use a valid FI(S) certificate to maintain the validity of their BGA instructor rating through his or her CFI using the normal CFI e-services revalidation process.

Those instructors who choose to hold an EASA FI (S) certificate are reminded of the BGA guidance on revalidating an FI(S) certificate that is available here.