European Gliding Union Newsletter Dec 2017

The latest EGU Newsletter is available here.

The BGA is a long term and active member of the European Gliding Union, which represents the interests of all glider pilots in Europe with respect to regulatory affairs.  The EGU strives to let the voice of the 80,000 European glider pilots be heard in European regulatory and political circles and is a competent speaker in all discussions and negotiations affecting our sport at this level. Subjects with which the EGU particularly concerns itself are the following :
* airspace and electronic conspicuity
* airworthiness and maintenance
* licensing and medical examinations
* operations
* environment

The policies of the EGU on these topics is defined during the Congress Meeting with the member organisations, which is held once a year to report and discuss points for future action.

The EGU is member of Europe Air Sports (EAS), who represents the interests of all European airsports. EGU also collaborates with the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), in particular with its International Gliding Committee (IGC) and with the Organisation Scientifique Internationale du Vol à Voile (OSTIV).