Aim Higher 2018 Update

A quick update on Aim Higher Plans during 2018 from Kev Atkinson, the BGA Aim Higher lead.

Sisteron. The planned Sisteron trip in the spring is very well supported.

Weekend courses. There have been no requests for the Feb/Mar weekend courses. If a clubs would like one at their site, please contact Kev Atkinson via the BGA office.

Mid-week courses. A 5 day follow up at the Mynd (7-11 May) and another at Aston Down (21-25 May) are confirmed. Contact those clubs for details. If other clubs would like courses run at their sites, please contact Kev.

‘Ask the Coach’. By the end of this year, the ‘Ask the Coach’ S&G series will have completed the subjects that were suggested as an Aim Higher ‘syllabus’.  So clubs should be able to cobble together an effective programme themselves.  However, that does not mean the end of the output. The format may change, eg top tips or similar. If any club needs guidance on the detail, please contact Kev.