Shobdon airfield – parachuting and frequency change

There is a new skydiving operation based at Shobdon; however it is not marked on the new 2018 1/2 mil chart.  The operation will be announced by NOTAM.

There will be tandem freefall jumps from up to FL140 onto the NW corner of the airfield accompanied by a cameraman.  The drop zone will be within the circle defined by the ATZ and extend from FL140 down to ground level.  Initially jumping will be on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting on 6th April.  Pilots should keep clear of the drop zone unless they can be certain it is inactive.  Note that the parachute operation and the ATZ are not active after 16:30 local time unless the times have been changed by NOTAM.  It may be possible to discover whether the zone is active and get information about how to enter the zone safely by calling Shobdon on 123.500 MHz (but see next item).  The airfield management are keen to note that the airfield remains fully open and visitors are very welcome provided that they call on the radio in good time before entering the ATZ.

The Shobdon airfield frequency will change on 1st May from a 25 kHz channel (123.5 MHz) as marked on the charts to an 8.33 kHz channel (118.155 MHz).  Normal procedure at Shobden is that a glider should call “Shobdon, Glider xxx downwind” at the start of the downwind leg. There may not be a response after 16:30 hours; however radio calls should still be made.

Pilots using local turning points are advised to declare SH3 or SH4 which are well clear of the ATZ instead of declaring SHO, SH2 or LMW.

Any queries can be directed to