Part-FCL licences – CAA exemptions

An unprecedented delay in the publication by the European Commission of an expected amendment to the Aircrew Regulation has resulted in the need for a number of CAA-issued exemptions that ensure pilots can continue to fly legally under national arrangements beyond 8th April 2018. Please note that these exemptions ONLY apply in the UK. Pilots must comply with the pilot licensing requirements of the country they are visiting.

EASA Sailplane/Powered Sailplane pilots

The following exemptions, published under the CAA Official Record Series 4, permit BGA certified glider pilots who fly EASA sailplanes (inc sustainers) and NPPL SLMG holders who fly EASA self-launching powered sailplanes including TMG’s to continue under existing national arrangements (ie BGA and NPPL as appropriate) until 8th April 2019 (by which time the amended Aircrew Regulation should be in place providing an opt-out until 8 April 2020).

Exemption 1261 permits sailplane and powered sailplane pilots to continue under existing national arrangements ie there is no requirement to hold an SPL or LAPL(S). The CAA exemption ends on 8th April 19. View the exemption here.

Exemption 1262. As above for NPPL SLMG holders. View the exemption here.

EASA Aeroplane Pilots

The following exemptions apply to EASA aeroplane pilots.

Exemption 1264 permits nationally licenced GA aeroplane pilots to continue to fly EASA aircraft from 8th April 18 without a Part-FCL licence for TWO FURTHER MONTHS but limited to LAPL(A) privileges. The exemption ends on 8th June 18. View the exemption here.

Exemption 1260 adds to the previous exemption 1254  allowing an additional group of UK PPL(A) and LAPL(A) holders to fly in the UK using pilot medical declarations rather than medical certificates. Towing gliders as part of gliding club operation is a permitted activity under the exemption. The exemption ends on 8th April 19. View the exemption here.


The BGA will update its Pilot Licensing webpage asap.