RAF Brize Norton ACP update

BGA and other GA Alliance representatives were recently invited to RAF Brize Norton to discuss the ongoing Brize Norton Airspace Change Proposal. A modified solution was presented by the RAF which makes some adjustments to the base levels and removes some airspace from the Eastern end of the proposal. The proposed solution goes a small distance towards a satisfactory compromise, but it was acknowledged that there is still significant work required to reach a workable, safe for all piece of airspace. It was heartening that the RAF acknowledged that the interim solution was very much “work in progress” and could be amended to reflect the needs of GA.  Communication is now in place directly between the GA Alliance and the Royal Air Force; liaison will continue between the parties with the aim of reaching an agreement on a solution that can be presented to the regulator.

Click on the image to open – please note that this is a draft proposal and not a finalised design.