Farnborough Airspace Campaign – update

As previously reported here, the CAA has approved the Farnborough airport airspace change proposal. You can read the BGA’s response statement here.

The British Gliding Association supports safe access to airspace for all users and supports challenges against airspace changes, wherever they occur, that threaten this premise. The BGA therefore encourages all GA pilots including glider pilots to contribute to the Lasham judicial review funding appeal.

Lasham Gliding Society has provided the following helpful campaign update.

You may already have seen the news that Lasham Gliding Society filed its application for leave for judicial review with the High Court on 10 October 2018.

To give you an idea of the scale of the task (and the legal fees), the entire application for leave for judicial review consisted of thirteen volumes of supporting information, totalling over 3000 pages.

If the CAA’s decision is not challenged, we believe that it would result in airspace that is both unsafe and inefficient. A precedent may be set for the way that all future decisions about lower airspace are made and that the Class G airspace available to general aviation could be increasingly restricted throughout the country without proper analysis or justification.

Lasham Gliding Society has the capability to bring a case of this size against a government agency like the CAA. However our campaign will benefit the whole GA community as well as residents under some of the proposed flight-paths. Lasham is therefore aiming to raise at least £100,000 externally towards the cost of fighting its case. Achieving this total will need substantial donations from throughout GA. The details for the fund-raising are still available at www.lashamgliding.com.