EASA GA Safety Conference 2018

The BGA was represented at the recent EASA GA Safety Conference ‘a vision for the future of GA’. The event, with some 300 delegates, was hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Transport and included speakers from GA (including gliding), the GA supply industry, national regulators, EASA, the EU Commission, and national governments, including the UK government (Grant Shapps MP). The topics that were discussed in detail included achievements in the past four years; more affordable aircraft; innovative technologies; sharing airspace with airlines, balloons, gliders and drones (during which the need for engagement between stakeholders, flexible use of airspace, and interoperable electronic conspicuity rather than a single solution was highlighted); new business models (eg cost sharing now and future drone transport); and, finally, a vision for the next EASA GA Roadmap, ie;

  • Drones will provide a significant challenge
  • The key to Air Traffic Management almost certainly involves digital technologies
  • Working together is essential
  • Roadmap 1 needs to be completed
  • Create a GA safety education platform
  • Adapt regulatory requirements to facilitate new business models
  • Maintain GA as a high priority and report back every 4 years
  • Simplify Part-21 (initial airworthiness certification rules)
  • Co-ordinate technology solutions for sharing aeronautical and flight data in real time


Julian Scarfe of Europe Air Sports re-affirming the importance of a risk hierarchy that clarifies the differences between commercial and recreational aviation.