S&RA briefing – ‘EU-Exit No Deal’ UK Government Technical Notices

The Sport and Recreation Alliance (S&RA), of which the BGA is a member, notes in its recently published briefing document that as we approach the deadline for leaving the European Union (EU) on 29 March 2019, it is possible that the UK could leave without a deal covering the terms of withdrawal and likely future relationship.  The S&RA publication goes on to note that as that scenario will make a significant impact, a number of Technical Notices have been issued by Government.

As described in the S&RA published briefing document, the HMRC has published specific guidance for the sporting sector including re taking teams or equipment into the EU in the event of a no deal scenario. You can view the HMRC notice here.

The situation remains uncertain and is likely to remain so for some time leading up to 29 March 2019. The BGA intends to provide an update and any specific guidance if the need arises.