CAA airspace design guidance CAP 1616: second edition published

On 30 November 2018, the CAA published an updated second edition of ‘CAP 1616 airspace design: guidance on the regulatory process for changing airspace design including community engagement requirements’. CAP 1616 describes the different stages of the airspace change process and the activities involved – from the conception of the need for a change, to engaging with those potentially affected, assessing the impacts of different design options from a safety, operational and environmental perspective, and ultimately the regulatory decision, and if appropriate the implementation and subsequent review of the change.

The second edition incorporates:

  • a revised process for the Secretary of State to ‘call-in’ an airspace change proposal
  • confirmation that next year the CAA will be consulting on a new process to consider certain changes to air traffic control procedures that result in a planned and permanent redistribution of air traffic
  • more information on how the airspace change process is scaled
  • more information on how design options are appraised
  • updated text either reflecting new EU legislation, hyperlinks and cross-references or to improve the general clarity and consistency of the document.

The revised CAP1616 can be downloaded here.