8.33 frequencies from 3 Jan 19

As previously reported, during 2018 most UK VHF assignments were converted to 8.33 kHz voice channel spacing. From the 3rd January 2019, the CAA will be converting all common sporting assignments in the UK to 8.33 kHz. After the conversion, all assignments will utilise 8.33 kHz channel numbers, changing the way common assignments are displayed and spoken.

As described on the CAA website, the change to 8.33 kHz frees up additional assignments. Following discussion with the CAA during mid 2018, it was agreed to add four more common gliding frequencies on conversion to 8.33 kHz. Once all nine x 8.33 kHz frequencies are available, the allocation/intended use of each 8.33 kHz common gliding frequency will be updated. The aim is to publish full details during January 2019. However, that timing is dependent on the CAA allocating the additional frequencies.

The CAA’s CAP 1606 identifies the common sporting frequency assignment changes on 3 Jan 19, including the existing common gliding frequencies, ie;

  • 129.900 becomes 129.905
  • 129.975 becomes 129.980
  • 130.100 becomes 130.105
  • 130.125 becomes 130.130
  • 130.400 becomes 130.405