Canopy closed and locked…

The BGA Executive Committee has recently accepted a recommendation from the Instructors Committee to modify the BGA pre-flight check list to move ‘canopy – closed, locked and doesn’t open with applied pressure’ to the end of the checklist. As a result, CBSIFTCBE has changed to CBSIFTBEC.

The change follows an analysis of incidents and accidents related to inadequate pre-flight preparation and recognises the widespread practice (normalised deviance) of closing and locking the canopy just before launching, eg in warm weather and during the winter where there is a risk of canopy misting ahead of launching.

The BGA pre-flight checklist taught by BGA instructors from 3 Jan 2019 is CB SIFT BEC. Of course it is appreciated that it will take a while for instructors to become used to the change. BGA publications will be updated in due course.