Overseas Championship at Issoudun July 2019

Brian Spreckley reports that there will be an Overseas Championship at Issoudun in France held in conjunction with the Issoudun International contest. The task setter and local organiser will be Brian Spreckley and tasks will be DHT, AAT and AST. Gliders at any level are welcome.

Issoudun is a large grass airfield in the centre of France with a possibility of some great flatlands flying in the excellent conditions usually experienced in this region.

The entry fee and tows are reduced for pilots under 25 offering a great opportunity to gain experience continental conditions.

04 July 2019  – 13 July 2019

Entry fees +25 yrs 200 € and aerotows at 37 € , – 25 yrs 160 € and aerotows 30 €

Entries can be made here

More information, please contact aci@berryglide.net