RMZ requirements

The CAA reports that ‘the Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ) surrounding Hawarden aerodrome was established in March 2017 to enhance the safety of all aircraft operating in the vicinity of Hawarden aerodrome and to better integrate the increasing number of commercial A300-600N Beluga aircraft operations. AIC Y014/2017 was issued on 16 March 2017 detailing the areas and access requirements.

Despite the area being charted (the boundary is depicted by blue semi-circles) prior to implementation, the RMZ was subject to 74 airspace infringements in 2018.

Analysis has shown the main causal factor to be a lack of understanding by pilots as to the requirements for entry into the RMZ or a failure to note the area’s depiction on aviation charts.

SERA 6005 requires that pilots of aircraft wishing to operate in airspace designated as an RMZ shall maintain continuous air-ground voice communication watch and establish two-way communication, as necessary, on the appropriate communication channel, unless in compliance with alternative provisions prescribed for that particular airspace by the ANSP.’

In the case of Hawarden, details of provisions are found at United Kingdom AIP, AD2.22 paragraph 3 and at Hawarden Radio Mandatory Zone A5 card