Aeronautical Ground Station Licences

As previously reported, from the 3rd January 2019, the CAA converted all common sporting assignments in the UK to 8.33.

Aeronautical ground station licences, obtained from Ofcom, authorise the installation and use of a radio installation which provides ground to air communication (of course many clubs don’t utilise a radio ‘installation’ or transmit ground to air. For some its a case of using a handheld to transmit to aircraft on the ground or to listen to airborne aircraft transmitting). Ofcom do not normally issue a ground station licence until they are satisfied that the ground station has been assessed as fit for purpose by the CAA.

BGA sites that are planning to obtain or update a ground station licence are advised to check before buying that the radio they intend to purchase has been assessed by the CAA as fit for purpose. The CAA unfortunately does not publish a list of compliant radios, but will advise if approached about a particular radio; either email the CAA at  or phone the CAA at 01293 573703.