90th Anniversary of the BGA

During the 1920’s, other than occasional ‘meets’ there was very little gliding going on in the UK.  Prompted by some UK experience and an awareness of how gliding was progressing in Germany, a lunch for “Those interested in gliding” was arranged for the 4th December 1929 at the Comedy Restaurant in London. The expectation was that about 30 might attend, but in the event it was 56. It was agreed at this meeting to form a committee with the intention of creating a British Gliding Association (the BGA), and to invite a number of primarily German gliding experts to give flying demonstrations and hold lectures. The BGA became an established body on 27th March 1930. All of that activity effectively lit the blue touch paper, and from the start of 1930 gliding clubs sprung up in a frenzy of enthusiasm!

We very much look forward to celebrating two 90th anniversaries – first of all the meeting that pulled it all together and secondly the formation of the BGA. Keep an eye out for activities later this year and in early 2020.

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