Electronic Conspicuity Solutions: CAA call for evidence 

The CAA has today launched a call for evidence about some of their key proposals for the wider roll out of Electronic Conspicuity in the UK. In doing so, the CAA notes;

‘The widespread adoption of Electronic conspicuity (EC), where everything flying sends out an electronic signal identifying it, will be key in achieving safe and sustainable airspace for the UK in the future. The government recognises this and asked us to develop proposals for its UK-wide roll out as part of its Aviation Strategy Green Paper. We have done this via our Airspace Modernisation Strategy that sets out the main initiatives required to upgrade the UK’s airspace structure.’

This call for evidence is open until 25 May 2019.  The consultation can be viewed at https://consultations.caa.co.uk/corporate-communications/e-conspicuity-solutions

The BGA will be responding to this call for evidence.