RAFAT relocation ACP

On 15 March 19, the locations for which the RAF is examining future basing options for the RAF Aerobatic Team, the ‘Red Arrows’, was released.  They are RAF Leeming, RAF Waddington and RAF Wittering.  Associated with the basing change is a requirement to provide suitable airspace in which the Red Arrows would conduct their display training and practices.  Any basing decision for the Red Arrows will depend on securing a suitable area of airspace in which they can conduct their aerobatic training. The RAF is in talks with the CAA and any proposed course of action will follow CAP1616 requirements, which will include the opportunity for public consultation.  The CAA’s ACP portal link for this proposed airspace change is here.

In developing an appropriate response, the BGA Airspace Committee will be liaising with BGA clubs that have been contacted by the ACP sponsor.