Continuing Exemption from EASA Flight Crew Licencing Rules

As previously published, the EASA Flight Crew Licensing (FCL) rules for sailplane pilots are being reviewed and, as a result, revised and simpler EASA ‘Sailplane FCL’ rules are expected to come into force in April 2021.

Some time ago the UK CAA issued temporary exemptions from the requirement for pilots of EASA sailplanes including powered sailplanes to hold an EASA licence. These exemptions are expected to continue through to 2021.

That means that in the UK;

  • Pilots of EASA sailplanes including self-sustainers can carry on operating under BGA pilot certification and pilots of EASA self-launching sailplanes and TMGs can carry on using a national SLMG class rating.
  • All gliding instructing at BGA clubs continues under BGA requirements – therefore all gliding instructors must hold a valid BGA instructor rating.

Meanwhile, the BGA intends to support those pilots who choose to hold an EASA SPL or LAPL(S). To do so, we aim to maintain a core of EASA qualified examiners as well as facilitate limited and specific EASA FCL training at BGA clubs that choose to join the BGA Declared Training Organisation (DTO).

Full details are on the BGA members website.

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