Sailplane Air Operations rules coming soon

EASA’s new sailplane operations rules were extracted from the original EASA air operations rules (except for the authority requirements, which remain) and have been published in a new, separate regulation only addressing sailplane air operations. The new regulation establishes simpler rules, proportionate to the complexity and risk level of sailplane operations, and reduces the regulatory burden for sailplane pilots and operators. Sailplanes includes powered sailplanes, which includes TMGs.

The existing EASA air operations rules have been amended removing all the requirements applicable to sailplanes operations.

EASA’s new sailplane air operations (Part SAO) rules are applicable to EASA sailplanes with effect from 9 July 2019.  Learn more here.

It is likely that a number of BGA publications will need to be amended to align with the introduction of Part SAO. We will advise of any changes. However, Part SAO isn’t expected to result in a significant impact to clubs, owners and pilots as the rules are reasonably well aligned with existing gliding practices.