CAA call for evidence on Electronic Conspicuity

The BGA encourages the use of electronic conspicuity to assist effective lookout. FLARM equipment is commonly utilised in much of the UK fleet of gliders, powered gliders and tugs.

The CAA, which is on the one hand developing a future airspace strategy and on the other is required to safety-regulate aviation, has been quite clear in its messaging about electronic conspicuity; the CAA would like to establish a UK-wide electronic conspicuity mandate for all aircraft. This is aligned with the Governments emerging Aviation Strategy that spans the period to 2050.

However, the CAA appear to be in a hurry to develop a rolling mandate in the next few years and are minded to adopt their preferred technology solution that most subject matter experts and other regulators (including EASA) do not agree is the appropriate way forward. And there is currently no justification for a UK-wide EC mandate.

The CAA has published a ‘call for evidence’ on the subject of Electronic Conspicuity. The BGA will respond in detail. We believe it will be helpful if clubs and other interested parties also respond to the CAA by the 25th of May.

You can read more here, including guidance on how to respond.