CAA adds new requirements on aircraft issued with non-UK ARC

Without any discussion with recreational aviation stakeholders, the CAA has decided that UK aircraft that are issued with an ARC by a CAMO outside the UK must produce copies of a number of documents in addition to a copy of the ARC, ie;

Copy of EASA form 14 for Part M Subpart G organisation

Copy of EASA form 4 for the Airworthiness Review Staff (issues only)

Copy of the CAME page detailing authorisation of ARC extension signatory (extension only)

Copy of compliance reports (issues only)

Copy of Physical Survey report (issues only)

The BGA has raised the issue with the CAA. Meanwhile, aircraft owners who intend to purchase an aircraft issued with an ARC by a CAMO outside the jurisdiction of the UK CAA are strongly advised to read the information published on the CAA website.