Improved Competition Route Notification Trial

We share the sky with a diverse range of users. Being aware of what others are planning to do is clearly an important element of situational awareness and reducing risk.

The BGA has been working with the CAA to develop an improved method of notifying competition gliding activity to other airspace users. During 2019, gliding competitions are publishing their daily route information by NOTAM, with the route detail presented in an easily absorbed map view format at

The route NOTAMs are issued as navigation warnings of ‘transiting gliders’ similar to those issued by formation transit flights. The NOTAMs are usually published around 10am each competition day, but the routing details may be updated during the day as necessary based on weather conditions. Pilots are always welcome to call the organising club or visit the task notification website for the latest information.

It’s important to note that the published routes give a good indication of where most of the competition gliders are likely to be during the day. Of course gliders may deviate from the published routes to remain in suitable weather conditions.

The BGA welcomes feedback from other airspace users about this trial.