RAF Little Rissington – 120.775

RAF Little Rissington, located to the north of the Brize Norton zone, is active on weekends with Air Cadet winch launched gliding and otherwise as NOTAMed for military parachuting and transport aircraft operations. An Air Cadet squadron on site flies Grob Acros as part of 2 Flying Training School (2 FTS), which has a small number of active winch launched gliding operations across the UK.

Pilots who find themselves needing to fly close to the site and certainly if overflying below 2000′ above ground level should call the Little Rissington military air/ground frequency 120.775. In the event of an unavoidable land out at Little Rissington, pilots should give advance warning by radio on 120.775, fit in with any local gliding traffic and consider the advice provided by the air/ground radio operator.

Road retrieve access is arranged with the airfield operator (2 FTS) either via the local Air Cadet gliding operation staff on site or via 01451 810078 or 07786 504892. An alternative point of contact is 2 FTS HQ on 01400 264526. 2 FTS advise that aerotow retrieves are not permitted because the airfield operator is required to have fire and rescue cover in place when operating powered aircraft at that site.