NATS consultation re Free Route Airspace in the Northern UK above 25,000 feet

NATS are currently developing Design Principles for the implementation of Deployment 2 of Free Route Airspace within high altitude airspace across the UK and they recently asked for stakeholder input.

NATS has produced a draft version of the proposed final Design Principles influenced by the feedback received, which they are required to share as part of the CAP1616 airspace change process.

If any BGA club wishes to provide any further comments to the consultation, NATS has asked that responses are supplied by email by 29 November 2019.

You can read the NATS proposed principles here.

BGA currently agreed ACP Principles which were supplied in response to the original consultation are detailed here. BGA considers that continued access to high altitude flying is part of ‘minimising GA impact’ through ‘legitimate rights of access’ and ‘flexible use of airspace’. As the consultation develops, it is expected that detailed inputs will be required in follow-on ACPs, including from those potentially directly impacted.