Airspace Change Proposal Information

The CAA operates an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) portal that has a search function by place or postcode. Although the portal has limitations, eg it doesn’t always identify the airspace relevant to a location, it is probably the only way of searching for ACP’s that may be of interest.

As previously reported, The Airspace Modernisation Strategy is resulting in a huge number of airspace changes.

Although ACP sponsors are required to contact all stakeholders to inform them of proposed changes, the system is imperfect. BGA supports GA Alliance efforts to ensure that gliding is aware of all relevant ACPs. To help to ensure everyone who needs to know does so, it is strongly recommended that gliding club airspace officers monitor developments in their area via the CAA portal and through engagement with Regional Airspace User Groups as well as other local contact.

If a stakeholder feels that they have not been engaged by an ACP sponsor when they should have been, the stakeholder should contact the ACP sponsor directly by email. Any BGA club that does so is asked to please email a copy to the BGA office for the attention of the Airspace Committee.

The CAA ACP portal is available here.