2020 Online Learning

BGA Radio Course


The BGA is putting on a series of Webinars over the coming weeks to help keep us in touch with gliding while we are grounded due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We are hoping to have a mix of interesting talks about some adventurous flying as well as gliding basics.

Below is the current schedule as well as links to recordings of previous sessions.

Upcoming Sessions
Tuesday 02 June 202020:00How to get into InstructingMike FoxLink
Previous Sessions
Thursday 14 May 202020:15From Glider Pilot to Airline PilotAndy Holmes, Jez Hood & Emile Benson
Tuesday 05 May 202020:00Wave Soaring & Diamond HeightChris GillYouTube
Sunday 03 May 202019:00Wave Flying in Scotland (Part 4)Sant CervantesYouTube
Tuesday 28 April 202019:00Flying in the AndesPhil SturleyYouTube
Sunday 26 April 202019:00Forecasting and Post Flight AnalysisJake Brattle & Finn SleighYouTube
Saturday 25 April 202019:00Wave Flying in Scotland (Part 3)Sant CervantesYouTube
Thursday 23 April 202018:00Weather Forecasting for Glider PilotsPhil WarnerYouTube
Sunday 19 April 202019:00Wave Flying in Scotland (Part 2)Sant CervantesYouTube
Friday 17 April 202020:00Thermal Centering and Thermalling With OthersMike FoxYouTube
Sunday 12 April 202019:00Wave Flying in Scotland (Part 1)Sant CervantesYouTube
Friday 03 April 202019:00Launching and Getting AwayMike FoxYouTube
Wednesday 01 April 202019:30Soaring Potential in WalesChris GillYouTube
Sunday 29 March 202019:00Level Up in LockdownJake Brattle & Finn SleighYouTube
Friday 27 March 202019:30BGA Chairman's UpdateAndy PerkinsYouTube


Radio Course

In addition to the webinars, the BGA radio telephony course is now online. It is intended for both glider pilots who want to gain an FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s License) and those who already have one but want a refresher.

We’re teaching radio usage from a gliding point of view, rather than from a powered GA point of view – so it will be directly useful for glider pilots who fly cross country.

The course is a set of slides and video presentations which use the example of a flight in a glider to teach the content of a full FRTOL. Whilst it would be entirely possible to learn the material purely by self-study, we plan to run one or more online courses (depending on the numbers interested) using videoconferencing to allow for discussion, questions, practice and coaching. There is no charge.

For more details, see the course page here. If you are interested, please make sure you sign up to help us gauge numbers.