Airspace classification review consultation

Following on from the previously reported Kirkhope Inquiry into Lower Airspace, which highlighted many of the challenges associated with unnecessarily restricted lower airspace, the Govt has directed the CAA to regularly review airspace classifications including consultation with airspace users, and where appropriate amend the classification using (new) procedures to be developed by the CAA.

The CAA has launched an airspace classification review consultation that closes on 3 Mar 2020. The BGA welcomes this opportunity to influence improvements to the UK’s lower airspace structure.

The data supplied in the consultation is very limited. We understand that the CAA will only be looking in any detail at those volumes of controlled airspace that are identified through responses to this consultation. During February, the BGA will publish guidance to assist pilots who will be encouraged to form their own responses ahead of the 3rd March deadline.

The consultation can be viewed here