Use of tracking data at the WWGC2019

As is routine during international competitions, at the recently completed 10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championship a competition tracking system was in use by all competitors. The data including locations and climb-rates of competitors was available to all teams with a 15-minute delay. A local competition rule was in place which emphasised that only tracking data with a 15-minute delay could be accessed by competing teams.

Towards the end of the competition and following protests by several teams about alleged use of real time data by the Australian team, the Australian team pilots were each penalised 225 points for ‘unsporting behaviour’.

It is the BGA view that;

– The use of real time data in contravention of the rules is at serious odds with the expected standard of sporting behaviour and must not be tolerated.

– Incorrect procedures may have been applied in response to protests made about the use of real time data.

– Further action is needed to ensure that no similar occurrence occurs in the future.

The BGA’s concerns have been expressed to the IGC through our IGC representative. The BGA looks to the FAI IGC to investigate these matters and make any necessary adjustments to its rules and practices in the areas of tracking data, the definition of and penalties for unsporting behaviour and cheating, and the handling of protests.