BGA online pilot radio licence course

The new BGA radio telephony course for glider pilots is now online.  It is intended for both glider pilots who want to gain an FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s License) and also for people who already have one but want a refresher.

The course is a set of slides and video presentations which use the example of a flight in a glider to teach the content of a full FRTOL.  You can find it at

We’re teaching radio usage from a gliding point of view, rather than from a powered GA point of view – so it will be directly useful for glider pilots who fly cross country.

Whilst it would be entirely possible to learn the material purely by self-study, we plan to run one or more online courses (depending on the numbers interested) using videoconferencing to allow for discussion, questions, practice and coaching.

For that reason it would be helpful if people who want to use this material sign up at to let us know.  There is no charge.  We have a number of volunteers to work with us on this, and will be looking for more.  Once we know how many people are interested we can match up one with the other.

Caveat: The original intention was to release this course in line with some changes that the CAA are planning, which should allow the test to be taken by pretending to be in a glider, rather than a powered aircraft.  Given the current situation, it is unclear when these changes will happen, but we are releasing the course now so that all the people with time on their hands can make use of it.  Having said that – if you do this course, you will not only know how to use a radio whilst flying a glider, but you will also have all the tools that you need to pass a FRTOL exam.  The last module of the course will address how to sit the FRTOL exam.

More detail and links to other sources of FRTOL training are available here.