BGA Gliding Competitions 2020 – Situation and Guidance mid-May 2020


The government restrictions for the control of Covid19 have prevented gliding in any form from taking place between late March and mid May.  This has already had an impact on UK gliding competitions planned for 2020, with some having been postponed to later in the year and some having been cancelled completely (see the competition calendar below correct at 12th May).

Resumption of Competitive Gliding

It remains unclear at this time when competition gliding will be able to resume in the UK.

With the recent partial relaxation of restrictions announced by the government, a resumption of limited gliding in some form is now possible in compliance with Govt guidance. The BGA has issued guidelines for the resumption of gliding in a phased way.  The first phase, aligned with Government restrictions, is likely to be in place for some weeks.  It is not yet possible to predict in what steps further relaxation will proceed, nor at what stage the resumption of competitive gliding will be possible.  For now we must wait and see, but we can also make sure we are prepared should things improve in time to allow some competition gliding this year.  Providing government rules and guidelines on social distancing and infection-control can be maintained, clubs wishing to run competitions should be encouraged to do so if and when it becomes possible.

Regular Updates

We recognise that competition organisers and competitors will need as much forward notice as possible, so it is our intention to issue further bulletins at the beginning of each month or as new information becomes available.  As of now, no competitions originally scheduled in June will take place. Competitions still scheduled in July are:-

Booker Regionals 11th July

Club Class Nationals at Nympsfield 25th July

Inter-University Task Week Aston Down 25 July

It is not yet possible to say whether these competitions will be able to go ahead. Further information will be given as it becomes available and, in any case, by June 1st.

Status of National Competitions in 2020 and future International Team selection

To ensure a level playing field and to minimise pressure on pilots who may be unable to participate, team selection procedures for International competitions going forward will disregard the results of any UK Nationals Championships that may ultimately go ahead during the remainder of 2020. This means that announced teams for the postponed 2020 Worlds will transfer to the rescheduled 2021 dates and any future team selections for 2022 will be based on participation in 2019 and 2021 Nationals only.

Relaxation of Competition Rules

If competition gliding becomes possible this year, strict adherence to some of the official BGA Rules for Rated Competitions, are likely to conflict with social-distancing measures.   Accordingly, directors are advised that social distancing and any other relevant government and BGA guidance in force are to take precedence where such a conflict arises.  Directors should use their discretion where necessary and should contact the BGA Competitions Committee on  if in doubt on a particular point.

BGA Competitions & Awards Committee