BGA Gliding Competitions 2020 – Situation and Guidance 2 June 2020

A substantial number of cross-country flights have been made since gliding became possible again on May 13th and there have been some further lockdown relaxations that permit more people to meet outdoors. However, we still do not yet have a situation in which normal gliding competitions would be possible within public health guidance.

Since the limited restart in May, clubs have demonstrated that ground-handling and launching can be undertaken within the rules and creative solutions have been developed by some clubs to overcome the social-distancing challenges involved in flying organisation including briefings.

However there remain significant issues, for example around the accommodation, catering and hygiene arrangements that would be necessary for the numbers of people involved in a competition.  Further significant changes in the regulations will be needed in these areas to permit competitions to take place.

The Comps Committee is hosting a Zoom forum in early June for competition organisers to share ideas on how competitions may be conducted safely should the regulations permit.

As of today, only two competitions remain in the calendar for July:-

Booker Regionals 11th July

Inter-University Task Week Aston Down 25 July

Please note that the Hus Bos Challenge Cup and the Club Class Nationals have both been cancelled.

Several Competitions remain in the schedule for August and September.  It remains to be seen whether these will be able to go ahead as planned.  See the calendar below for details.

As previously stated, a further situation report will be issued at the beginning of July, or earlier if appropriate.

BGA Competitions & Awards Committee