Maintaining and improving access to UK airspace for gliding

During May 2020, we wrote to all clubs describing a joined up approach to the ongoing challenge of maintaining and improving access to UK airspace for gliding.

When an airspace change proposal (ACP) sponsor (the company or person that eventually submits the ACP to the CAA) decides to develop an airspace change, the BGA should always be notified via a group of stakeholders including the BGA described by the CAA as ‘NATMAC’. Potentially affected local operators, including gliding clubs, should be notified directly by the sponsor. But it is an imperfect system and needs stakeholders to be proactive. We are currently working on how to ensure that the ACP information we receive is triaged appropriately and passed on to those who need the information.

It’s really important to take an active interest in proposals that might affect a club’s operations. Linking in with the local ‘regional airspace user group’ can be a useful source of potential airspace developments, as well as an opportunity to address issues before they result in demands for restricted airspace.

Regularly monitoring the CAA’s ACP portal for new activity can also help. The search function has been improved recently.

The CAA airspace change proposal portal is available here.