RAF Brize Norton Airspace Change Proposal

RAF Brize Norton has submitted an airspace change proposal (ACP) to the CAA.

The BGA has significant safety, proportionality and need concerns about this proposal, not least of which are that the ACP seeks an enormous amount of additional controlled airspace exclusively for Brize Norton’s needs, no safety analysis or consideration of the risks exported to those operating outside the proposed controlled airspace has taken place, given Brize Norton’s proximity to Bristol, Gloucester, Oxford, Benson and London airports and existing large volumes of controlled airspace, the proposed airspace squeezes GA traffic into narrow choke points, the design includes eleven different sectors which result in a level of complexity that renders some areas virtually un-navigable and potentially unmanageable by the limited number of available air traffic controllers, and despite the Kirkhope parliamentary inquiry report findings that were accepted by the CAA, no account has been taken of the holistic effect and its fit into the already complex lower airspace in the south of the UK.

You can view the Brize Norton ACP detail here.

The BGA is continuing to work closely within a GA Alliance team led by Steve Noujaim that is seeking to ensure a safe, proportionate and transparent outcome.