COVID19 – rule of six

The Government has announced that due to an increase in COVID19 cases, from Monday 14th September, it will be illegal in England to gather in social groups of more than six people.

Gliding airfields are large open places. Group briefings, eg daily flying briefings, can be and at several clubs are delivered online. To take part in gliding, which is an outdoor sporting aviation activity,  it is not necessary for individuals to gather in a group of more than a few people. For example, rigging a glider or winch launching a glider should not require a group of more than a few people.

Clubs are encouraged to regularly remind their members to avoid gathering in groups of more than six people.

BGA clubs have established COVID-safe mitigations. All clubs and members are advised to continue to use those mitigations including complying with social distancing requirements, ie 2m or 1m with face covering. Clubs and instructors are reminded that during dual instruction, face coverings should be used unless it is unsafe to do so. The law requires passengers in all aircraft in the UK to wear a face covering.

Established guidance on COVID19 mitigations including links to Govt information is available here.

Please note that the guidance can vary in the devolved administrations, ie N Ireland, Scotland and Wales.