The BGA Competitions and Awards Committee Is Recruiting!

The BGA Competitions and Awards Committee is responsible for promoting all forms of competition gliding and for policy and management of UK competition matters including rules, guidance for organisers, ratings lists, competition bids, nationals entries, British team selection and annual awards.

The annual winter round of meetings of the Committee will begin in October as usual. However, from this year there will be a significant and permanent change in the way the Committee operates. Instead of meeting in person once a month (usually on a Saturday for most of the day) we will be changing to shorter on-line meetings using Zoom or a similar platform, at more convenient times, with only the occasional face-to-face meeting.

This new way of operating opens up the possibility of membership of the committee to people who, in the past, may have been willing to participate, but were unable to give the time or make the journeys necessary.

If you have ever thought that you would like to be able to influence the governance and development of competition gliding in the UK, now is your chance, no matter where in the UK you may be based. Geography is no longer a barrier! Nor, by the way, is age or gender. If you think you could contribute to the work of the Committee and help improve the UK competition scene, please consider joining the committee.

Please submit your application to compscommittee(at) by the 17th October, telling us about yourself and your gliding history and what you would bring to the committee.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Alan Langlands, Chair BGA Comps Committee