BGA Flight Radio Telephony Operator License (FRTOL) training

The successful BGA Flight Radio Telephony Operator License (FRTOL – or Radio License) course will be running again in February and March 2021.

It is suitable for glider pilots who wish to use the radio whilst flying cross country. The course is primarily aimed at people without a FRTOL. However, we have found that many pilots who had a FRTOL but are uncertain about using the radio also benefit from the training.

The course is run online, with video lectures that can be studied, and six online sessions via Zoom in which a reprise of the key messages for the week is followed by a small group coaching session in which RT procedures are practiced.  Following the course, small group coaching allows attendees to practice prior to the exam.  There is no charge for the course, although examiners will charge for the subsequent exam.

The course will run on Tuesday evenings from 1930 to 2130, starting on Tuesday 16th February and running through to the 23rd March.

If you are interested in the course, you can read more at and sign up at