Hill, ridge and mountain soaring

The Civil Aviation Authority permits, under an exemption to ‘SERA.3105 Minimum Heights’ and SERA.5005(f) ‘VFR Flight Minimum Height’, a glider to fly below 150 metres (500 feet) above the ground or water or closer than 150 metres (500 feet) to any person, vessel, vehicle or structure if it is hill-soaring. In doing so, pilots must comply with ‘SERA.3101 Negligent or Reckless Operation of Aircraft’, which states that an aircraft shall not be operated in a negligent or reckless manner so as to endanger life or property of others. It is extremely important that the exemption is only utilised for its intended purpose and therefore the following protocols must be followed by all pilots:

Do not fly lower than the soaring conditions require.
NEVER fly close to, towards or directly over any person on the ground.
Lookout is always paramount.
Remain clear of other aircraft. The glider with the ridge on the right has priority.
Overtake with caution, bearing in mind the other glider could suddenly change direction.
Make all turns away from the ridge.
Be aware that when flying with a significant drift angle, FLARM direction indications can be misleading.
Always have an available safe landing option.