Farnborough airspace change PIR delayed

The Farnborough airspace change Post Implementation Review (PIR) that should be taking place in late 2020 has been delayed due to a downturn in IFR Commercial Air Transport and GA. The CAA notes:

‘Whilst it had been expected that commencement of the Stage 7 PIR of the Farnborough Airport airspace change would be in the latter part of 2020, the significant impact of the COVID-19 related crisis has reduced the activity levels of IFR Commercial Air Transport and General Aviation (both GA Business Aviation and IFR/VFR Class G users). It has therefore been agreed by the CAA, sponsor and the GA stakeholders that the start of the Farnborough airspace change PIR period will be put back to 2021. As a consequence, the group will meet again in January 2021 to determine the confirmed start date of the PIR, the scope of the required analysis and corresponding data requirements in order to determine the overall impact on all airspace users.’

The ACP details can be viewed here.