A successful first BGA Instructor Development Week

Instructor development is and will continue to be a very important BGA activity. Several trainee and experienced instructors attended the recent ‘BGA Instructor Development Week’ at The Gliding Centre led by coach Simon Adlard and supported by Steve Male (Midland GC CFI) and Alan Smith (TGC CFI). The week was all about meeting individual needs, and the output of this particular course were two prepared Full Rating candidates, a new BI rating, a ‘refreshed’ instructor and a partially renewed instructor, who is returning to instructing after a long break.

The 7-day instructor courses are expected to return in the spring. The instructor development weeks, similar to the one described, will continue to be a feature of the annual BGA course programme.

Pilots who are considering returning to instructing after a significant break may not be aware that a lapsed assistant or full rated instructor who has flown 10 hours or 50 launches pilot-in-command in the past 12 months may, with the CFIs recommendation, be renewed by application to the BGA following an appropriate level of individual training including a ‘5-year’ refresher, followed by assessment by a regional examiner.