COVID19 lockdown 2 – DfT guidance for sport and leisure flying

To stem the spread of the COVID19 virus in England, N Ireland, Scotland and Wales, significant public health related restrictions are either already in place or have been recently announced in those countries.

Detailed public health restrictions required in each country apply including re essential travel only, re meeting others, and re social distancing, etc.

The DfT has (at 5.10pm) today announced that from 5th November until 2nd December, private pilots (which of course includes glider pilots) should not undertake any sport or leisure flying in line with the requirement to stay at home without reasonable excuse.  The full DfT guidance is here. Please note that different rules apply in N Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The BGA will continue to keep the membership advised through the normal channels as well as continue to be proactive in all areas of support including those directly related to the lockdown, eg Govt business support, regulatory exemptions, and guidance associated with a return to flying. Our published guidance will be updated.